The History of ATLAS MARIDAN

Atlas Maridan can trace its history back to 1992 when the idea of an autonomous underwater robot was conceived as part of an EU project. Since the inception of the company, the sole focus has been the construction of a flexible carrier (hull), development of world-class navigation, seamless operation through tightly integrated mission management system and straight forward survey management.

Our parent company ATLAS ELEKTRONIK GmbH

ATLAS ELEKTRONIK is a leading electronics and systems company and has established an extensive global customer base in the naval and maritime world.

The company is based in Bremen Germany with a work force of app. 1800 engineers and technicians.

MARIDAN, has been co-operating with ATLAS in the field of AUVs since the beginning of 2003. An example of this successful co-operation was the delivery of a MARIDAN M63 new-generation AUV to the German Bundeswehr (Wehrtechnische Dienststelle für Schiffe und Marinewaffen – WTD 71) at the end of 2003. This new AUV is being used as an experimental platform for the test, evaluation and development of AUV operations and payloads for military applications.

Autonomous Underwater Vehicles will play a major role in the future underwater battlespace and in non-military environments. ATLAS ELEKTRONIK is a key player in military as well as non-military UUV (Unmanned Underwater Vehicle) development. The company is currently developing a family of UUVs, based on modular concepts in hardware and software and including AUV capabilities over a diving depth range of 5 to 4000 meters and an endurance of up to 60 hours. The family also includes the current wire-guided one-shot mine disposal vehicles, SEAFOX and SEAWOLF.

During 2003, MARIDAN and ATLAS ELEKTRONIK entered into an exclusive co-operation agreement in the field of AUVs. This co-operation has been the catalyst in precipitating the combining of the two companies’ AUV interests in a 100% ATLAS-owned Danish subsidiary, ATLAS MARIDAN ApS.

ATLAS MARIDAN is the centre of excellence for AUV technology within ATLAS ELEKTRONIK. The company's primary focus is further development, engineering and prototyping of the military and non-military UUVs technologies particular in relation to navigation performance and sensor integration, but also application oriented development utilising the flexible carrier concept of ATLAS family UUV concept to add new dimensions its flexibility and utilisation.